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Its time to end your home loan search

Our mortgage experts are ready to help

We help next home buyers to plan and process the purchase of their next home.

Whether you want to upsize, downsize, relocate or invest, we can assist you to understand your options based on your existing assets and other financials.

If you are a next home buyer, we can help you with the following (and more!):

  • Provide guidance on obtaining a home loan for your next home
  • Provide guidance on pre-approvals for your next home purchase
  • Help you to speed up the process of obtaining a new home loan, or modifying your existing mortgage
  • How much can you afford to borrow?
  • Do you keep, sell or rent your existing home
  • Provide guidance about whether now is the right time to buy, based on the market and your personal circumstances

We would be happy to have a no-obligation chat with you about your next home buying options, either in person or online.

Our next home buyer process:

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Our next home buyer process:

Quick questions

If we have not met before, we start with a few basic questions. We then discuss your next home buying needs, goals, questions and work out next steps. We are happy to chat in person or online.


We match your circumstances and needs to the most appropriate bank or lender (we have access to 40+ providers), and then provide you with a recommendation.


When we agree on the right lender, we start the application process, handling all paperwork for your sign-off, and submit the application for loan approval.

Loan transition

Once approval is granted, we assist you with transitioning to your new home loan. Next steps include a valuation of your new home, securing insurance and deciding on a settlement date.


We assist you in coordinating all the loan steps that occur before settlement. It’s now time to engage a solicitor and conveyancer to assist with finalising your paperwork.

Moving day

Moving house is an unavoidable stress, but we are happy to assist with our trusted team of moving experts or to connect you to our house moving contacts.

Our open door

Just because your next home loan is complete does not mean goodbye! We aim to stay in touch and to be available and welcoming when you next need guidance.

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