About Capital for Castles

Grow your wealth, and be supported, valued and wiser by working with Capital for Castles. We invest in our customers’ futures.

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At Capital for Castles we know that your finance needs and circumstances change depending on your life stage. Whether you are single, have a partner or a family, are planning for retirement, or retired already, we can support you with finance guidance. 

At Capital for Castles, we help our clients feel: Supported, Understood, Valued, Wiser and Wealthier.

These principles/values strike at the essence of our business and our intentions with every customer we work with. By taking this approach, we endeavour to develop life-long relationships – where Capital for Castles play a central role in helping you to achieve your life goals and greater prosperity.

Mortgage broking and finance in general are complex products. We understand that by helping people understand complex concepts and feel supported in a life-long journey of learning, our relationships will be stronger and more enduring.

"Communication is our mother tongue, and ‘customers for life’ is our motto"

Our values


Strong relationships are everything to us. Being available during and after the purchase of your property and throughout the loan journey allows us to provide you with the support you need and deserve.


We strive to understand your needs, and then we take the time to help you understand your finance options for your specific requirements. We are the mortgage broker that takes the time to explain how finance works.


We value our clients, and we aim to communicate your options clearly and proactively, and give you the best possible customer service so we become your trusted, long-term finance partner.


We help our clients become smarter and more informed with regards to their financial options and decision-making. Life-long learning helps us to better understand market conditions and the right finance solutions for you.


We help you to make smarter, well-informed finance-related decisions that result in greater wealth. Depending on your stage of life your finance options will differ, and we are happy to offer you the benefit of our experience and guidance.

Why choose us?

At Capital for Castles, first and foremost is that we love what we do. Nothing excites us more than seeing your happy face on the day your loan is settled, and you receive the keys to your home.

Our business is called Capital for Castles, because every home is a castle, that is your special domain.

We like to do the right thing and support our local community, including sporting clubs and causes that are special to us.