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Asset Finance & Personal Loans

Capital for Castles is here to assist you to secure a competitive asset finance loan for business, or a personal loan.

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Asset finance is a type of loan used to purchase assets or equipment that are essential to the growth of your business.

This could include a car for business purposes, a truck, an excavator, manufacturing equipment, or any other asset that helps you to run your business.

Asset finance can sometimes to be easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan.

A chattel mortgage is a loan to assist with the purchase of a vehicle or piece of equipment that is owned by a business. This is also often referred to as an equipment loan, and the item that is purchased is used as security against the loan.

The benefits of a chattel mortgage include claiming interest payments as a tax deduction, and claiming depreciation as a tax deduction.

Capital for Castles is also able to assist obtain ‘low documentation loans’, as known as low doc loans, for self employed people that are unable to provide key verification documents such as financial statements or a tax return.

Capital for Castles is also here to help you obtain a personal loan for various purposes, such as a house renovation, a new car, wedding or many other personal finance needs.

We would be happy to have a no-obligation chat with you about your asset finance and personal loan options, either in person or online.

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